Heart Breaking Desire. Your Fuel for the Fire.

Have you ever learned of something or been near something that makes you cry?

Okay, guys, I know your answer.

I don’t cry.


99.9% of all people that have been born have tear ducts.  They serve several purposes, one of which is to serve a cleansing function.  Whether it is for physically cleaning your eyes or emotionally cleaning your heart, that is its intended purpose.

One time my daughter was crying and she asked “Daddy, why do we cry?”

I said “Kai, we cry when things we are feeling inside, can’t be expressed in words.  The emotions have to get out somehow.  If we can’t say the words or don’t want to say the words that say how we are feeling, the tears take the words’ place.  The tears come out instead of words.”

So, again I am going to ask you “What makes you cry?”

Don’t tell me “When I hit my finger with a hammer.”

I don’t want to know what physical pain makes you cry.  I want to know what emotional pain makes the tears flow.

I’ll give you an example…

When my grandfather passed away, I watched my Uncle Doug cry the largest tears I’d ever seen.  They were the size of a small finger nail.

You have to know my Uncle Doug.

I’d never seen him cry.

He was a “Man’s Man”.

A truck driver, ex-Marine and father of four.

He was as strong as you could get.

He was crying.

He wasn’t blubbering.  He smiled and greeted every person that wished to express their condolences to him and to the family.

The tears kept flowing even as he smiled.

The tears represented the emotions he couldn’t express.  Those words that he had kept inside.  His body wouldn’t let them stay in.  They came out in the tears.  They came out as a large constant stream.

Now, I am going to ask you again “What emotions that you’ve bottled up inside have made their way out through your tear ducts?”

How’s that.  I didn’t use the “C-word”.

For me, its children.

I hate to see kids neglected, abused and mistreated.  I hate to see them hurt.  I hate to see them cry.  I hate to see them miss the love they need.  It eats me up to see them malnourished physically and spiritually.

Does it make me cry?  I may have teared-up on occasion.

Wow, I can’t even own up to it!

So what’s the point to this question?


I believe God has put some “thing” in your heart that if you don’t do it, if you don’t accomplish it, if you don’t make it right, you’ll never forgive yourself.  If you died tomorrow without getting that “thing” done, you’d feel like a failure.

Take some time to think of what that “thing” is.  What is it that makes you cry?

Now that you have that “thing” in mind you now have discovered the “fuel for the fire”, your “black powder”, the source of energy that is going to fire your life to the intended target.

Oh, I forgot, you’re a man or woman that doesn’t show emotion.

Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t realize you were a “robot”.  I didn’t realize you’ve never been happy or sad or disgusted or elated.  I didn’t realize you’ve never felt loved or that you’ve never loved.

What’s that?

You have had one or two of these emotions.

Well, those are “fuel for the fire” too.  It just so happens that the one thing that right now breaks your heart is also backed by an emotion.  You need to ride that emotion like a wave and allow it to provide you the energy to be able to carry out the task, the life-long task, of righting a wrong or protecting the innocent.

Whatever it is, you need to find it.

God put it in your heart.

You need to find it, analyze it and use it.

If you don’t, you’ll regret your life’s movie.

Don’t come out of your movie crying.

Cry now.

Celebrate later.

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