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Crossing the Crevice (To my children)

You are headed up Mount Everest.Everest

Your mom and I are the trail guides.

Not only is it cold windy and snowing but its icy as well. And if that wasn’t enough there are deep crevices that we must cross together.

You cannot sprint up the mountain or you will die. There is a slow methodical path that we all have to take to get to the top. And there is a plan we have to follow.

If the weather changes, or any of us are physically unable to make the climb, we have to make a new plan. No one gets left behind.

We stay together. We will not fail.


Right now we are standing in front of a 300 foot deep crevice. One wrong maneuver, one wrong step, or any lack of attention leads to sure death.

We must all individually cross the crevice.But we’ve brought along a ladder and have lain it across the crevice so we only have one thing left to do.

However, you must remember a few things. Number one, do not look down at the depth of the current crevice. It will take your eyes off of the ladder and the rungs. Understand that where you are looking… you are sure to go.  So, look at the ladder, not the crevice.

Secondly, you must look at the rungs of the ladder. You must carefully step on each rung. You cannot step between the rungs.

And finally, you must not look to the left of the right at other crevices. We are not crossing them right now, and we may never have to cross them.

There is a rope that your mom and I are holding onto  both sides of the crevice, but that rope will not get you across. You must physically pick up your own legs step on the rungs and use the rope as a guide.

How does that relate to your present situation?

Your present disappointment in your relationship is that the crevice. You need to look at it, analyze it, assess it, but you cannot look down at it as you’re trying to cross. Look at it all you want while you’re standing on solid ground. But, do not look at it when you’re trying to maneuver over it.

Your friends have built a ladder for you. They are giving you good advice. They want you protected. They don’t want you to fail and fall into that deep dark depression by staring at your present situation. They want you to continue to climb. They are there to encourage you.

But their encouragement, their wisdom and their hopes for you are not enough.

You must be disciplined enough to keep your eyes focused on the rungs. You must focus on their encouragement, their hopes and their wisdom while you are ignoring the deep hole.

At least while you’re passing over it.

Ultimately it’s up to you. You’ve got to pick up your legs and set your feet on the rungs. You’ve got to keep your eyes focused and disciplined. You have to pay attention to this path and getting over this crevice. And you can’t worry about other crevices that may or may not come.

Your mom and I will hold the line on both sides so that you can slowly slide your hand along the rope to know the way to go. But, as I said before this is ultimately up to you. Whether you succeed and cross or fail and fall is your choice.

My question for you is whether or not you have the physical, emotional and spiritual strength to crossover? If you are too weary, too sick, or not prepared to cross, then let’s wait until you are ready to crossover.

But if you’re ready and willing, then you need to cross. And know all the while, God’s Holy Spirit is speaking to you each step of the way reminding you of the three rules and encouraging you onward…”don’t look down, step on the rungs, and don’t worry about the other crevices.”

You’ve traded your joy for lies

Each and every day we are all bombarded with voices…physical and spiritual.


Many of these voices are lying to you.

You have one of Satan’s helpers whispering in your ear…words that bate you into making a trade…a trade for a lie.

That’s all they have…lies…and lies are nothing but non-existent reality.

Lies.  Shadows.  Fog.  Pure and empty nothingness.

And they want to trade their lies, the only thing they have, for your joy.

They want take your joy and give you nothing in return.

But there must always be a trade.

UnhappinessSo you give your joy away and take up the lies.

You take the lie and make it your pet.  You stroke it.  You talk to your lie. You listen to your lie.  You make your lie your best friend.

And it grows…until it consumes you.  It grows so big that it finally takes all of your time and then the lie, not being happy with just taking your time, it eventually wants to grow so large that it takes your life.

You can keep letting it grow.  You can keep allowing it to become what it wants to become and you do this when you focus on the lie…when you adore the lie…when you embrace the lie…when you don’t remove the lie.

But what you don’t understand…what the demon does understand is that your joy is your joy…God gave it to you and it can’t be taken away… it has your name written all over it….you have the deed to your joy…your joy is titled in your name.

And whenever you want to trade back…whenever you demand that your joy come back to you…the demon has to give it up.  He has to let it go.  He has to trade back.  He has to take his lie back to him.


But you can’t keep a lie and your joy.  You have to give the lie back.  You have to reject the lie.  You have to send it on its way, no matter how much you love the lie…it has to go first.

By the way, the demon doesn’t own the lie.  He doesn’t own anything.

The lie is Satan’s.  The Father of Lies.

And the demon never wants to return it to Satan.

That’s a problem for the demon.  It’s as if Satan wants interest on his loan of the lie to the demon and the interest he wants is first your joy, then your time and then your life.

The demon can always try to trade with you again and again and again until you tire of the trade and refuse to do any more trades.

But as long as you’re willing to trade, that demon will come back each and every time.

He knows your weakness.  He knows what you fell for once and he is going to come back and sell you the same lie once again.  He’ll always take the easy road.

And once his lie doesn’t work…time to move on.  Remember, Satan requires interest on his loan of the lie.  The demon must find someone that will trade and pay him interest.

But others will come. And someone will be back with a bigger lie to sell to you.

He is willing to drive a hard bargain for you so he brings back a larger lie…something that appears to have even more value because he wants your joy.

You have to be on guard.

You have to hold every thought captive.

You have to make sure that you retain the joy God gave you.

And how do you do that?

You do it by making sure each thought that comes through is captured, compared to the scripture, and if it is a lie, it is rejected and demanded to leave.

And if any of those steps are skipped, then the lie finds a home in your heart.

And when the lie finds a home, the joy is gone.

The choice is yours.

You can keep your joy or you can keep the lie, but you can’t have both.

Make your choice and choose wisely.

Choose joy….choose life

Life is fleeting

Life is fleeting and I absolutely hate that.

It doesn’t help that your wife says “Look you’re over 40 which means you’re ‘half dead’”…

Depression of the deepest kind sets in…

And then your 5 year old daughter says “Dad, I like your hair.”

You smile and proudly say “thanks” and the she says “Gray is my favorite color.”

Depression gives way to humiliation.

Sometimes I wake up discouraged from the day that lies ahead.

But by 5 pm I regret how quickly it went away.

Because I know that I will never revisit the day. I lived into it and now it is gone never to be changed or repaired…only to be remembered and even at that, only for a short time.

So many days I have thought it was the most important day I had lived in to that point…only to find one week later I can’t even remember what happened on that day.

And then the disappointment sets in.

Have you truly lived if there is no rememberance? Are we truly alive if the time we’ve lived in is quickly forgotten?

A sort of majestic melancholy sets in knowing that so much has been given to you and yet so little has been accomplished.

How do we cope with this sad state?

How? Only by knowing that these fleeting days are simply a small old piece of bubblegum that has been smashed into the eternal road known as our lives that go on into the distance and continue on for miles and miles and miles with no end.

It is only in this knowledge does the perspective set in that this life is fleeting and yet never-ending and so I can truly say that that which lies before me is certainly greater, wider and longer than that which lies behind me.

Never forget the past if you can help it…but, never give up on the future…lean into it, embrace it, dance with it, revel in it, but only as it comes and not a moment too soon.

It is God’s gift to you wrapped in rays of sunlight and moonlight, seasoned with troubles, tragedies and triumphs.

He loves you, He wants the best for and He waits for you…to walk the road…with Him…forever.

As the Son sets, the shadows grow longer…

I have found that as you stand and the Sun sets, the shadows grow longer and longer until your image is deformed into some elongated giant.

As the light dims and darkness advances, my height never changed.  But it appears that I am

As the world becomes darker and their appears to be no “light” or the “light” appears to retreat,

Darkness retreats at the speed of light

However, there is something that you must do.  You must determine if the light is retreating or advancing.  Long shadows occur at sunset and at sunrise.  The only way to tell the difference is in the movement of the shadow.

One of my favourite seasons is football season.  I love the smell of the grass, the crisp air, the feel of a football.  But in Texas, football starts in July, in the middle of Godforsaken heat while the grass is brown and you’re sweating like a pig.

I love practicing but I also love the Saturday games.  In the background of it all though, something’s changing.  You see, each and every day, the day gets shorter.  You might practice from 5:30 to 6:30 or 7 o’clock, and within two months there’s a time change.  You don’t even get to practice at all.  Along the way, I’ve noticed that as the sun sets there’s a beautiful sky that’s painted.  And at the same time, your shadows get longer and longer as the sun sets.

It appears in our world that the sun is setting, that the days are getting shorter, things are getting darker.  Evil is becoming more prevalent.  Chaos reigns and there’s no hope.  However, as the sun is setting, the shadows that we’re casting grow larger and larger even though we haven’t changed, and sometimes our shadows look like giants.  But when the sun finally sets and darkness reigns, we must not sit or stand gazing at where the sun was or the shadows have grown.  We have to light a candle.  We have to turn on the lights.  Because it’s only when we turn on the light or light the candle that the darkness will recede, and the darkness recedes at the speed of light.

©2009 Eric Bruntmyer. All rights reserved.


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